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When the wheel rotates asymmetries in its mass distribution may cause it to apply periodic forces and torques to the axle which can cause ride disturbances usually as vertical and lateral vibrations and.

Tire rotation and balance vs alignment. For example an s rated tire 112 mph should be able to make a b temperature rating 110 mph but may not make it into the a rating 130 mph. The front to rear figure d pattern may be used for vehicles equipped with the same size directional wheels andor directional tiresa side to side figure e pattern may be used for vehicles equipped with different sized non directional tires and wheels on the front axle compared. There is a date of manufacture dom stamped into the sidewall.

Each havoline xpress lube tire pros is staffed with ase certified technicians well trained in all aspects of vehicle maintenance. Vehicles used 2012 bmw f30 328i sedan performance winter snow tires may be the right tire solution for drivers who need mobility in winter weather and still want to maintain better handling for when roads are just cold dry or wet. It should be noted that the test speed may exceed the speed rating of the tire which explains why tires may have different temperature ratings.

We specialize in total car care. S ection t wo 9 tire selection purpose this recommended practice is intended to make the tire purchaser fleet operator or maintenance manager aware of major items for consideration and to. There will be a 10 11 or 12 digit code appearing after the dot label which also indicates the week and year the tire was manufactured as well as other details.

Tire balance also called tire unbalance or tire imbalance describes the distribution of mass within an automobile tire or the entire wheel including the rim on which it is mounted. Look for the letters dot which stand for department of transportation. Todays performance tire and wheel trends have provided the need for two additional tire rotation patterns.

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